Northstar Early Years, our preschool is designed based on the most current research and knowledge about early childhood education

Our preschool program provides a consistent learning experience with each year building on the previous in terms of knowledge and skills

Parent support and engagement in the child's learning is a crucial element

Our preschool program is designed to provide a secure foundation for future success and school readiness.

Language & Literacy

The ability to read and write in the future depends on a strong foundation in the early years. Through language and literacy a child develops strong communication skills and strengthens the ability to think, express and understand.

At Northstar, through read-alouds and storytelling we build phonological awareness in the early years. We also help and guide children in enhancing their vocabulary & understanding of the world around them.

Knowledge Acquisition & Cognitive Development

Knowledge Acquisition & Cognitive Development in the early years is not only important for conceptual understanding and clarity but also for a strong foundation for lifelong progress. We believe children have an innate capacity to learn numbers and have curiosity to know and make the world a more predictable place to live in. At Northstar, we guide children to engage in rich scientific inquiries, noticing numbers, counting, measuring, etc and making connections for them to understand how their learning is a part of everyday life.

Physical Well-Being and Motor Development

Physical growth and development promotes overall wellbeing of a child. Children in early childhood need lots of time to move. Under physical well-being and motor development learners at Northstar learn gross motor skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc. safe physical practices. Learners also explore healthy living.

Autonomy and Social Skills

At Northstar, through our habits of mind which consists of 12 skills, we let children in early childhood know that they have complete control over their emotions, conflicts and the choices that they make. Autonomy plays an important role in everything that a child does in the classroom. We encourage them to feel independent and develop a sense of agency in them.

Learning social skills in childhood is vital for children’s later attitudes in life. We believe that early foundations of learning through healthy relationships have a great impact on life.

Approaches to Learning

At Northstar, we want our learners to observe, understand and solve problems with critical thinking and perseverance. Approaches to Learning is a key area that helps learners develop the attitude and approach to become lifelong learners. Northstar Learning Approach is not confined to four walls. Traditionally education and learning have been confined to the four walls of a classroom and thought of as an activity taking place between the two kinds of people in it, students and teachers. We believe that kids are naturally curious and their learning shouldn’t be limited. It is our duty as teachers to make them understand that learning can happen anywhere and from anyone.

Through play we learn and grow. A child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development in early childhood is very vital. Being persistent and making connections is utmost important.

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